• Stone Drilling

    w/ Sarah Sitarz

  • Tuesday, Oct 9th 6-8pm
    Learn the basics to safely drill through stone and you'll soon be hooked on this fun process! Great for ages 16+!

    Bring your own rocks, pebbles, & sea glass to class. Flatter objects are recommended and will be easier for you to drill through in the beginning. Bring your collection to share with the class and we'll talk about what works best.

    A variety of rocks and objects will be available for you to try during class as well.

    Drill bits are extra and range in size and cost from $2.50-$20 each plus tax. You may want an assortment of sizes to play with during class or to take home with you.

    Come back during our Open Studio for $10/hour or during our Free First Thursday events to utilize our equipment and drill more stones!

    Cancellations with less than a 48 hour notice will not be credited or refunded. 

  • $60.00

  • Stone Drilling
  • Stone Drilling
  • Stone Drilling

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